Google Analytics, Twitter, and More OpenVBX Plugins Added to the Directory

If you’re working on a plugin for OpenVBX be sure to let us know when it is ready to added to the directory, and we will also be sure to blog about it here.  There has been a lot of discussion in our forums about what kind of plugins people want to see, and today these plugins are being added to the directory.  If we missed yours and its ready to go, you can also email

Google Analytics Plugin by Chad Smith

Track the current activity in the flow in Google Analytics.

Twitter Plugin by Chad Smith

Say or reply with the most recent tweet of the specified user.

VBX Intelligence by Brian Levine

Framework for real-time display of contextual business intelligence

Other Plugin Ideas

In addition to these plugins, there is discussion in our forums about other plugins that OpenVBX users would like to see.  Join in and share your thoughts on what extensions would make OpenVBX even more useful and powerful for your business.

Some ideas so far:

Plugin Contest Continues

Everyone is eligible to enter the contest Twilio is running for the OpenVBX plugins, which ends at 11:59pm Pacific Time this Sunday, June 27th.  If your plugin is the most unique, creative, or powerful it could win you a Netbook!

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