Introducing the OpenVBX Project

A New Way to Build Business Phone Apps

Today I’m excited to announce, along with the team of Twilio employees and third party developers who participated in our private alpha, the launch of OpenVBX. Open VBX is an open source project developers can utilize to build world class business phone systems.

In addition to the folks at Twilio, we’d like to shout out to our early adopter community and thank them for their feedback and hard work reviewing this software as we prepared it for general consumption.  Now OpenVBX, or “VBX” as we call it, is out there and you can use it for your own phones and those of your clients.  We are looking forward to your feedback, as well as seeing what you build.

OpenVBX, a business voice system for the cloud and its powered by Twilio.

Why Build OpenVBX?

Our vision for OpenVBX has always been to make the common tasks that most voice applications need to perform insanely simple, and in the process enable developers to focus fully on what makes their applications unique, powerful, and innovative.

There are three key aspects to our vision for OpenVBX:

  • A flexible call flow system
  • An extensible plugin API
  • A simple user interface

Getting the Technology Right

We put together a smart technologies and built it to work across the web.

With a reusable widget system for UI components and modern development techniques developers can drop in a single line of code to create beautiful interfaces that work seamlessly.

Its just the beginning of OpenVBX, and we’re launching now so everyone can start integrating, theming, and extending it.  The team, and myself, can’t wait to see what new stuff the community is going to cook up.

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