OpenVBX 0.77

We’re off to the races, fixing lots of bugs and adding features to OpenVBX.   Its been less than thirty days since we launched and we’re introducing our fourth version since we Open Sourced OpenVBX.

Features to highlight in this release, include IIS7 support, a simple Database Upgrader script, and automatic detection of url rewrite support(mod_rewrite and other compatible modules).  We’ve also added a new API method that returns a boolean if the user is an admin, OpenVBX::isAdmin().   Now you can build administrative pages within OpenVBX securely.

If you’ve noticed an increase in the number of warnings in your Twilio account, much apologies, we’ve got that one fixed!

Thank You Contributors

I’d like to thank the team and the contributions everyone has made:

Upgrading Instructions

1. Make a backup of your OpenVBX site.
2. Upload the release to your current OpenVBX site.
This will overrwrite the contents of your installation.
3. Login to OpenVBX as an admin.
4. Run the upgrade utility.

Release Details

Release Engineering for 0.77:

  • Feature: Database Upgrade built-in to Web UI
  • Feature: Supports IIS7 and WAMP
  • Feature: Add setting for rewrite_enabled to the installer
  • Feature: Automatic detection of mod_rewrite in the installer
  • Feature: Turning toggling rewrite mode in Settings* Bug: Remove transcribe attribute from voicemail handling, transcribeCallback makes transcribe=True implicit
  • Feature: added an isAdmin() function to OpenVBX so that plugins can determine if users are Admins or not
    if (OpenVBX::isAdmin() ) {
    // show them the secret stuff…
    } else {
    // show them nothing!
  • Bug: In Menu applet, removed unused code; fixed function to update keys after onchange.
  • Bug: Add missing options-table class to menu applet
  • Bug: Get the real_site_url for audio-uploads in case the tenant has a url_prefix
  • Bug: Fixes for path handling in non-rewrite mode
  • Bug: Hide warnings for tmpfile deletion and log properly
  • Bug: Handle account request failures
  • Bug: Only unlink when using PUT methods in twilio library
  • Bug: Applet text is hidden when overflow, shortened text back to Voicemail
  • Bug: Removed outline from play button
  • Bug: Updated error pages to match content layout.
  • Bug: Fixes to path for windows related bugs.

All The Best,
Adam Ballai – OpenVBX Team

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