Plugins Added to the Plugin Directory

It’s been about 72 hours, and already we’ve got plugins ready to add to the directory.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, make sure to visit the Plugins page to see plugins from community members and Twilio employees, which you can download and install right away.  Installation of plugins is really simple, just drop each one into your plugins/ directory, and away you go!

New Plugins

We will be featuring the plugins already listed in upcoming blog posts, but here is a taste of the latest and greatest from the OpenVBX community.

Chirbit Posting by Andrew Watson

Create a phone interface for posting Audio snippets to

Transfer Plugin by Kevin Morrill

An applet plugin for OpenVBX that continues the flow by starting another flow or redirecting to a TwiML URL.

High Quality Transcriptions by Andrew Watson

Now you can get your voicemails transcribed securely by human operators for a dramatic increase in quality!  This plugin allows you to plug in your credentials from and integrate their service into your call flow.

Scheduling Plugin by Jonathan Kressaty

Single scheduling applet for OpenVBX – Allows flows to perform different applets based on time of day and day of week.

Installer Plugin by Jonathan Kressaty

Basic uploader and installer GUI for OpenVBX applets, for those of you would rather not use the command line.

Getting Listed

Have you build a plugin you’d like us to list? It’s really easy, just submit your plugin. We’ll test it out to make sure it works, and add it to the list. We’ll also be featuring many of the plugins and plugin authors here on our blog. Can’t wait to see what you build!

Plugins Contest

Twilio is running a developer contest that ends a week from Sunday, at 11:59pm PST on June 26th. All plugins are eligible to enter, and all plugins submitted on our plugins page will be considered! All we require is that you fill out the form, and that your plugin works when we test it out.  SUBMIT HERE

Free vs. Paid Plugins

We’ve had a few people ask if it would be alright to build plugins that users pay for with PayPal, much like some of the premium plugins on WordPress.  We’re VERY supportive of developers making money with their plugins, and we’re happy to list paid plugins on our site (we will mark them paid so end users know before they click through).

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