Effortlessly try OpenVBX with Standing Cloud

standingcloud_logo We’re happy to announce a brand new way to try out OpenVBX quickly, and best of all, for free. Standing Cloud offers a service to easily install and try out popular open source applications in the cloud. Starting today, OpenVBX is now included in their application directory, allowing you to evaluate OpenVBX via a free 30-minute trial installation.

2010-07-29_2200 Standing Cloud has developed a powerful new platform for easily installing and managing instances of open source applications. In just a few clicks you can have WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or other applications (including OpenVBX) up and running on cloud providers like Amazon EC2 or Rackspace Cloud. Even more impressively, Standing Cloud allows you to back up an instance and restore it on a different provider.

Setting up an instance of an application literally takes one minute. To prove that point, here’s a video demonstrating the entire process of creating a new trial instance of OpenVBX:

Starting today OpenVBX is available as a free 30-minute trial. In the future you’ll be able to set up permanent instances hosted on your cloud provider of choice. Simply put, there is currently no quicker way to get up and running with OpenVBX.

If you’re interested in learning more about Standing Cloud visit their web site or read about them in this recent article on TechCrunch.

We’re really excited about the OpenVBX hosting possibilities opened up by the Standing Cloud platform and hope that you’ll take a few minutes to try it out yourself.

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