OpenVBX 0.83

This release of OpenVBX is a maintenance release to address major customer facing support issues, and contains numerous fixes to IE support and international numbering.

The Changelog

  • Add tooltips back into applets
  • Add new CSS include method for Plugin API
  • Fixed: Cannot save Twilio credentials in IE7
  • Fixed: Call dialog button does not work in IE8
  • Fixed: Cannot see users in groups in IE7
  • Replace the hashchange plugin with a new or our own
  • Fixed: AudioPicker does not work IE
  • Fixed: Adding Tenants Fail in IE7
  • Remove autoplay from Existing recordings when “set as recording”
  • Fixed: SMS to Numbers of format +XXXXXXXXXX Fail
  • Fixed: International outbound calls failing
  • Fixed: Initial play of messages in inbox doesn’t work IE
  • Fixed: Griffin theme does not have a play button

Upgrade Guide

  1. Make a backup of your current OpenVBX installation
  2. Upload the release to your current OpenVBX site.
    This will overrwrite the contents of your installation.
  3. Log into OpenVBX as an admin
  4. Run the built-in upgrade utility

If you have any questions, comments, feedback, etc. please post it to this thread on our forums.  Thanks!

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