OpenVBX 1.2.1 Update

OpenVBX 1.2.1 was released today. 1.2.1 fixes some minor issues around installation and with sending emails from OpenVBX.

  • update outgoing email to properly set user-agent, reply-to and return-path for sent emails
    – return-path won’t always override depending upon the server’s sendmail configuration
  • fix cache table keys to fix rare condition where mysql would reserve key-name lengths for utf8 making the resulting key length reservation more than 1000 characters
  • add minification config override for servers that don’t define a proper server document root
  • fix install setup error return to properly display the error

Download & Upgrade

Go to the OpenVBX Download Page to download the latest version of OpenVBX and be sure to consult the Upgrade Guide for best practices on upgrading your OpenVBX install.

Support for OpenVBX is handled via the OpenVBX GetSatisfaction Forums for usage troubleshooting/bugs and via the OpenVBX GitHub Issue Tracker for troubleshooting or submitting code modifications to OpenVBX.

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