OpenVBX 1.2.2 Update

2012-01-12: The OpenVBX 1.2.2 release has been pulled due to a bug it introduced in to servers running PHP 5.2

This bug will be fixed in OpenVBX 1.2.3 and that will be released ASAP.

OpenVBX 1.2.2 was released today. 1.2.2 fixes some issues around number url updating and caching of data stored with PluginData.

  • fix number assignment to flow to null ApplicationSid fields as they always trump url values and can prevent a number assignment from taking hold
  • fix Memcache cache generation method to properly query the objects cache generation
  • fix VBX_Plugin_Store to return a generated id field when requested. The PluginStore database table doesn’t have a primary key of id like other cached database data so we need to generate one on a per request basis to enable proper caching of this data.
  • removed a check for php versions < 5.2 in MY_Model

Download & Upgrade

Go to the OpenVBX Download Page to download the latest version of OpenVBX and be sure to consult the Upgrade Guide for best practices on upgrading your OpenVBX install.

Support for OpenVBX is handled via the OpenVBX GetSatisfaction Forums for usage troubleshooting/bugs and via the OpenVBX GitHub Issue Tracker for troubleshooting or submitting code modifications to OpenVBX.

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