OpenVBX 1.2.4 & Documentation Updates

OpenVBX 1.2.4 has been released. This update fixes an issue with Connect Tenant return authorization and also merges in a pull request that makes the Whisper functionality on the Dial Applet an optional feature.

Quickstart Documentation Updates

The OpenVBX Quickstart Documentation is now up-to-date with new sample code to reflect the most current version of OpenVBX and Twilio PHP API Library. You may also notice some fresh new style and layout adjustments making the overall documentation more readable. Also visit the Quickstarts for making Applets and Pages to see the current updates.

If you’re looking to build something new with your OpenVBX system, take a look at the rest of our Documentation for using themes, building plugins or implementing calls through your browser.

Community Documentation

In addition to our documentation, a great resource for getting acquainted with OpenVBX is available from the writers on OpenVBX Installers. Watch video tutorials from How to Install OpenVBX and How to Connect Phone Numbers to Flows in OpenVBX, and to How to Install the Outbound Flows Plugin .

Stay tuned for more updates and improvements coming soon.

Download & Upgrade

Go to the OpenVBX Download Page to download the latest version of OpenVBX and be sure to consult the Upgrade Guide for best practices on upgrading your OpenVBX install.

Support for OpenVBX is handled via the OpenVBX GetSatisfaction Forums for usage troubleshooting/bugs and via the OpenVBX GitHub Issue Tracker for troubleshooting or submitting code modifications to OpenVBX.

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