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OpenVBX Now Includes Twilio Client

The latest version of OpenVBX is now live, and features native integration of Twilio Client. OpenVBX users now have a sleek, intuitive interface for making and receiving calls directly in the browser to other users. Simply push a button to talk, and the dialpad slides out to enable DTMF tones, hangup, and mute. We’ve designed […]

OpenVBX 0.83

This release of OpenVBX is a maintenance release to address major customer facing support issues, and contains numerous fixes to IE support and international numbering. The Changelog Add tooltips back into applets Add new CSS include method for Plugin API Fixed: Cannot save Twilio credentials in IE7 Fixed: Call dialog button does not work in IE8 Fixed: Cannot see […]

Faster Times: How to Make Money on Open Source Software

June 16, 2010 — Faster Times: How to Make Money on Open Source Software


June 16, 2010 — AVC: OpenVBX by Fred Wilson

OpenVBX Launch – TechCrunch

June 15, 2010 — TechCrunch: Twilio Releases OpenVBX, An Open Source Google Voice For Businesses

OpenVBX 0.77

We’re off to the races, fixing lots of bugs and adding features to OpenVBX.   Its been less than thirty days since we launched and we’re introducing our fourth version since we Open Sourced OpenVBX. Features to highlight in this release, include IIS7 support, a simple Database Upgrader script, and automatic detection of url rewrite […]

20th Plugin Added – Get Notifications with Notifo

It’s been just over a week since the launch of OpenVBX, and we’ve already got 20 plugins that OpenVBX users can utilize to extend and customize OpenVBX.  Check out all of them in the OpenVBX plugins directory, or submit yours so we can add it. #20 is the Notifo Plugin by Andrew Watson This plugin […]

Google Analytics, Twitter, and More OpenVBX Plugins Added to the Directory

If you’re working on a plugin for OpenVBX be sure to let us know when it is ready to added to the directory, and we will also be sure to blog about it here.  There has been a lot of discussion in our forums about what kind of plugins people want to see, and today […]