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jQuery 1.6 in OpenVBX

With the release of OpenVBX 1.0 we also rolled out an upgrade to jQuery and jQuery UI. OpenVBX now ships with jQuery 1.6.2 and jQuery UI 1.8.14. This is of note because jQuery 1.6 made some significant changes that may or may not affect your OpenVBX plugins or custom developed applications. .prop() vs. attr() The […]

OpenVBX Now Includes Twilio Client

The latest version of OpenVBX is now live, and features native integration of Twilio Client. OpenVBX users now have a sleek, intuitive interface for making and receiving calls directly in the browser to other users. Simply push a button to talk, and the dialpad slides out to enable DTMF tones, hangup, and mute. We’ve designed […]

HowTo: Upgrade OpenVBX

It’s always good to upgrade your installation of OpenVBX to the latest release and get all the latest features and bug fixes but it can be a little intimidating.  After all, you don’t want to lose all your call flows, users and messages in the process!  This guide should help you get the latest and […]

OpenVBX 0.83

This release of OpenVBX is a maintenance release to address major customer facing support issues, and contains numerous fixes to IE support and international numbering. The Changelog Add tooltips back into applets Add new CSS include method for Plugin API Fixed: Cannot save Twilio credentials in IE7 Fixed: Call dialog button does not work in IE8 Fixed: Cannot see […]

Effortlessly try OpenVBX with Standing Cloud

We’re happy to announce a brand new way to try out OpenVBX quickly, and best of all, for free. Standing Cloud offers a service to easily install and try out popular open source applications in the cloud. Starting today, OpenVBX is now included in their application directory, allowing you to evaluate OpenVBX via a free […]

OpenVBX 0.77

We’re off to the races, fixing lots of bugs and adding features to OpenVBX.   Its been less than thirty days since we launched and we’re introducing our fourth version since we Open Sourced OpenVBX. Features to highlight in this release, include IIS7 support, a simple Database Upgrader script, and automatic detection of url rewrite […]

Introducing the OpenVBX Project

A New Way to Build Business Phone Apps Today I’m excited to announce, along with the team of Twilio employees and third party developers who participated in our private alpha, the launch of OpenVBX. Open VBX is an open source project developers can utilize to build world class business phone systems. In addition to the […]