HowTo: Upgrade OpenVBX

It’s always good to upgrade your installation of OpenVBX to the latest release and get all the latest features and bug fixes but it can be a little intimidating.  After all, you don’t want to lose all your call flows, users and messages in the process!  This guide should help you get the latest and greatest while keeping all your goodies.


The first thing to before upgrading any software is to make backup copies of your code and your data.  How you can accomplish this depends on your hosting provider.  If you have shell access you can just use mysqldump to make an export of your database.  If you don’t have shell access than you probably have a control panel like cPanel.

Make a backup copy of your database and your OpenVBX installation because there are uploaded audio files and configuration files in there.  You should also download these backups to your computer or upload them to DropBox or JungleDisk for safe keeping.

Download OpenVBX

The next step is to get the latest version of OpenVBX from Github.  There’s a big button called “Downloads” there and when you click it you’ll see some numbered releases in a list.  You’ll want the highest numbered release which at the time of this writing is 0.91.  When you click on that version number you’ll download a zip file containing OpenVBX.


The next step is to get this code up to your web server.  Exactly how these next steps go will vary depending on your hosting provider, skill level and the tools you have available to you on your personal computer so I’m going to keep it abstract.

The idea is to unpack the new OpenVBX right next to the old one and then copy a few key bits of information from the old one the new one.  Once that’s done you rename them so that your web server uses the new one.

The first thing to do is to unzip the code.  If you don’t have shell access to your server, you’ll have to unzip it on your personal computer and upload the folder.  If you have shell access than just upload the zip file and unzip it on the web server because it will upload much faster.

What you should have now is your old OpenVBX install and your new OpenVBX install sitting next to each other in the same sub-directory.  We haven’t done anything yet that would break your existing installation.

Copying Files

You’re going to need to copy over the following items to the new OpenVBX in order to accomplish a smooth upgrade:

  • OpenVBX/config/database.php
  • OpenVBX/config/openvbx.php
  • OpenVBX/config/email.php (if you’ve modified it)
  • audio-uploads/

Note: If you’ve made customizations to any of the other config files you should update the new files as necessary to ensure consistent operation of your site after the upgrade.

Once you’ve copied these files/directories, double check the permissions on audio-uploads and OpenVBX/config to make sure it’s writeable by the web server. On a Unix machine you would do

ls -ld audio-uploads

to make sure it looked like this

drwxrwxrwt  2 andy andy  4096 May 14 17:11 audio-uploads

and if it doesn’t look like that you’ll need to do a

chmod 777 audio-uploads

Do the same for the OpenVBX/config directory if necessary.

And the big reveal…

To put your new OpenVBX in production, what you’ll do is rename the old one to  a temporary name and then rename the new one to be what the old one used to be.  If there’s something wrong and you need to go back you can just rename the folders again and put the old one back in production.

If you have any questions or comments on this process or you’d like to add your own tips for other users let us know with a comment below or join our mailing list:


OpenVBX 0.83

This release of OpenVBX is a maintenance release to address major customer facing support issues, and contains numerous fixes to IE support and international numbering.

The Changelog

  • Add tooltips back into applets
  • Add new CSS include method for Plugin API
  • Fixed: Cannot save Twilio credentials in IE7
  • Fixed: Call dialog button does not work in IE8
  • Fixed: Cannot see users in groups in IE7
  • Replace the hashchange plugin with a new or our own
  • Fixed: AudioPicker does not work IE
  • Fixed: Adding Tenants Fail in IE7
  • Remove autoplay from Existing recordings when “set as recording”
  • Fixed: SMS to Numbers of format +XXXXXXXXXX Fail
  • Fixed: International outbound calls failing
  • Fixed: Initial play of messages in inbox doesn’t work IE
  • Fixed: Griffin theme does not have a play button

Upgrade Guide

  1. Make a backup of your current OpenVBX installation
  2. Upload the release to your current OpenVBX site.
    This will overrwrite the contents of your installation.
  3. Log into OpenVBX as an admin
  4. Run the built-in upgrade utility

If you have any questions, comments, feedback, etc. please post it to this thread on our forums.  Thanks!

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Effortlessly try OpenVBX with Standing Cloud

standingcloud_logo We’re happy to announce a brand new way to try out OpenVBX quickly, and best of all, for free. Standing Cloud offers a service to easily install and try out popular open source applications in the cloud. Starting today, OpenVBX is now included in their application directory, allowing you to evaluate OpenVBX via a free 30-minute trial installation.

2010-07-29_2200 Standing Cloud has developed a powerful new platform for easily installing and managing instances of open source applications. In just a few clicks you can have WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or other applications (including OpenVBX) up and running on cloud providers like Amazon EC2 or Rackspace Cloud. Even more impressively, Standing Cloud allows you to back up an instance and restore it on a different provider.

Setting up an instance of an application literally takes one minute. To prove that point, here’s a video demonstrating the entire process of creating a new trial instance of OpenVBX:

Starting today OpenVBX is available as a free 30-minute trial. In the future you’ll be able to set up permanent instances hosted on your cloud provider of choice. Simply put, there is currently no quicker way to get up and running with OpenVBX.

If you’re interested in learning more about Standing Cloud visit their web site or read about them in this recent article on TechCrunch.

We’re really excited about the OpenVBX hosting possibilities opened up by the Standing Cloud platform and hope that you’ll take a few minutes to try it out yourself.


OpenVBX Launch – TechCrunch

OpenVBX 0.77

We’re off to the races, fixing lots of bugs and adding features to OpenVBX.   Its been less than thirty days since we launched and we’re introducing our fourth version since we Open Sourced OpenVBX.

Features to highlight in this release, include IIS7 support, a simple Database Upgrader script, and automatic detection of url rewrite support(mod_rewrite and other compatible modules).  We’ve also added a new API method that returns a boolean if the user is an admin, OpenVBX::isAdmin().   Now you can build administrative pages within OpenVBX securely.

If you’ve noticed an increase in the number of warnings in your Twilio account, much apologies, we’ve got that one fixed!

Thank You Contributors

I’d like to thank the team and the contributions everyone has made:

Upgrading Instructions

1. Make a backup of your OpenVBX site.
2. Upload the release to your current OpenVBX site.
This will overrwrite the contents of your installation.
3. Login to OpenVBX as an admin.
4. Run the upgrade utility.

Release Details

Release Engineering for 0.77:

  • Feature: Database Upgrade built-in to Web UI
  • Feature: Supports IIS7 and WAMP
  • Feature: Add setting for rewrite_enabled to the installer
  • Feature: Automatic detection of mod_rewrite in the installer
  • Feature: Turning toggling rewrite mode in Settings* Bug: Remove transcribe attribute from voicemail handling, transcribeCallback makes transcribe=True implicit
  • Feature: added an isAdmin() function to OpenVBX so that plugins can determine if users are Admins or not
    if (OpenVBX::isAdmin() ) {
    // show them the secret stuff…
    } else {
    // show them nothing!
  • Bug: In Menu applet, removed unused code; fixed function to update keys after onchange.
  • Bug: Add missing options-table class to menu applet
  • Bug: Get the real_site_url for audio-uploads in case the tenant has a url_prefix
  • Bug: Fixes for path handling in non-rewrite mode
  • Bug: Hide warnings for tmpfile deletion and log properly
  • Bug: Handle account request failures
  • Bug: Only unlink when using PUT methods in twilio library
  • Bug: Applet text is hidden when overflow, shortened text back to Voicemail
  • Bug: Removed outline from play button
  • Bug: Updated error pages to match content layout.
  • Bug: Fixes to path for windows related bugs.

All The Best,
Adam Ballai – OpenVBX Team

20th Plugin Added – Get Notifications with Notifo

It’s been just over a week since the launch of OpenVBX, and we’ve already got 20 plugins that OpenVBX users can utilize to extend and customize OpenVBX.  Check out all of them in the OpenVBX plugins directory, or submit yours so we can add it.

#20 is the Notifo Plugin by Andrew Watson

This plugin allows you to supply your API credentials, and receive Notifo notifications into OpenVBX.  The developer, Andrew Watson, suggests it is a simple implementation but hopes the community will participate in extending it.

Check out the Notifo plugin on Github


Are you a developer looking to extend OpenVBX?  Make sure to check out the Plugins API and join in on the discussion of OpenVBX in the forums.